1. module

all modules are identical and are normally assembled with the front facing outward

a curved edge is always placed over the straight edge of another module
each module has 2 curved and 2 straight edges
2. how to link modules

the curved edge of a module must be placed over the straight edge of another
when joining, the edges of each module will bend slightly
3. how to assemble sphere (30 modules)


1st row: 5 elements / 2nd row: 5 elements / 3rd row: 10 elements
4th row: 5 elements / 5th row: 5 elements

1st row is assembled into a rosette

5 modules of 2nd row are attached one by one in a ring around the 1st row rosette

turn light upside-down in the shape of a bowl

3rd row is a ring of 10 modules attached to the brim of the concave bowl

4th row narrows the sphere and 5th row closes the opening
check links are stable and straight edges are masked by curved ones
sphere has 12 joins with 5 hooks and 20 joins with 3 hooks
4. how to use the light


tighten joins around the pendant / power cord
light self grips cord (no mountings required)
suspension kits allow for use with batten holders (no electrician required)
hardware and lighting retailers carry a range of fittings and accessories
we recommend using compact fluorescent globes